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My process is unique in that I truly seek to form personal relationships with each client, because I believe that the best spaces are designed from intimate knowledge of someone’s inner workings and daily habits. During my travels, I noticed—as many do—the significance of sharing a drink. Whether it was tea in Pakistan, Calamansi cocktails in Manila, wine in France, or Sake in Japan, the actual drink was only the vehicle. What was really being exchanged ran much deeper. You’ll find that my projects are named for cocktails for that very reason, as a symbol of the kind of understanding I hope to share with my clients.

For the last ten years, I have been traveling and living abroad, soaking up the culture and architecture in inspiration goldmines like Islamabad and Manila. Now, back in the States, I am eager to help clients improve their lives by elevating their most influential environment—their homes.


Growing up in Wisconsin, I was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright at an early age. The way that he integrated his designs into their natural surroundings and married beauty with functionality informed my foundational ideas about what good design is. I went on to study the process of many designers and how they created homes that were made for living. I was particularly inspired by the idea of living with a client to fully understand how they use their space and by the concept of custom design down to the flatware. 


Eventually, my studies became more formal and I earned a degree in interior design from UCLA. Since then, my résumé has been varied. From event design to business and even floral design (with formal trainings from the Catherine Muller Floral Design School in Paris), each creative venture has given me an experience that prepared me to open a design studio for clients who want to change their world through their environment.

Jenica Flores


I offer whatever my clients need, from one-room furnishings to full-service design. Most of my work is done virtually from my studio in Wisconsin, but I am available for travel throughout the country. For full-service design projects, I travel twice during the project for some much-needed facetime with clients and to liaise with trades to ensure our vision is being executed perfectly. Local clients might see me more frequently depending on the scope of the project. 

Discovery Phase

Virtual Cocktail Party (getting to know you + your home)

Formal Consultation

Proposal + Contract

In-Depth Client Questionnaires

Virtual Meet-Up

Design Phase

Brainstorming + Mood Boards

Presentation of Design Concept

Drawings + Renderings

Presentation of Final Design

Purchase Phase

Sourcing the Perfect Furnishings

Liaising with Trades

Lead-Time Assessments

Scheduling Deliveries

Build + Project Management

Plans Start Taking Shape

Collaborating with Contractor

Construction Begins

Managing + Execution of Detail

Install Phase

Furniture Installation


The Big Reveal


Final Follow-Up to Make Sure You Love Your New Space


Are you ready to elevate your everyday life? I can’t wait to hear about it! Fill out the form and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible. 

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